Choosing Among All the Different MC Brands

Different Kinds of Motorcycle TypesIt can be quite confusing choosing among all the different types of motorcycle available. They compete fiercely in advertising space to the extent that some MC Brands have become ‘cult bikes’. With a few very small exceptions, there is no such thing as a bad bike, honestly. What you are looking for is a bike that is right for you!

The Different Kinds of Motorcycle Types Available

All MC brands specialise, to a greater or lesser extent. We do not want to favour a particular manufacturer, as our job is to give advice that is impartial, objective, and fair. Like we said, there is no such thing as a bad bike – or some manufacturers would have gone out of business. The issue here is: what is the purpose of the bike?

  • Commuter Motorbikes are simple to handle with uncomplicated controls;
  • Road Bikes are larger with bigger engines for weekend rides in the countryside;
  • Touring Motorcycles with storage bins are ideal for motorcycling holidays;
  • Scrambler Bikes are for off-road work. They are unsuited for long journeys.

The Best Size MC Brands for Getting Started

You do not want something complicated when starting your motorcycling hobby. There is enough to think about without handling a cumbersome machine. Choose a bike with a motor that is sized under 250cc the first time around. You can always trade it in later for something bigger, and you should find it easier to sell.

Your first motorcycle should also be easy to handle. Look for one with a low centre of gravity seat. This means you can rest both feet flat on the ground when not in motion while sitting on it. Make sure the handlebars are wide, so steering is easy. If the foot and hand controls are easy to operate it is time to narrow down your choices.

The Ultimate Question, Does It Look and Feel Good

If all your bases check out, and you fell in love with it, and you can afford it, then go for it and buy it! Then, welcome to the world of motorcycling for pleasure!

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