Everything You Need to Know When You Own a Motorcycle

Own a MotorcycleA modern motorcycle is a beautifully simple thing. A pair of wheels connected to the road in a line, and a powerhouse of energy that keeps them turning. Add a fuel tank, a riding seat, the necessary controls, and a frame to hold the bits together and we already have the basics. All that is left are these routine motorcycle maintenance tasks.

Motorcycle Maintenance: The Brakes, the Wheels, and Tyres

These keep you on the road, help you change direction, and bring you to a stop. Check the condition of the tyres before every journey, and change the brake pads after 75% of design life.

How to Keep the Engine in Tip-Top Condition

Have an authorised dealer do your motorcycle maintenance by the book. Inspect for oil leaks before you ride off. If you smell petrol, take your bike back to the dealer immediately.

Caring for Your Motorcycle Fuel Tank

A motorcycle fuel tank is the crowning glory of MC design. Avoid damaging it to ensure a good resale price. Check the tank and fuel tap filters. If blocked, you could be losing power.

How to Keep Your Riding Seat Safe

The wheels and tyres keep your motorcycle on the road. The seat keeps you on the motorcycle. Seats fold away to reveal storage space. Oil the clips. Make sure the seat is secure.

The Frame that Holds Everything Together

The frame includes the swinging rear arm and the front shock absorbers. Make sure your dealer services these by the book. If you drop your bike, have the frame checked by an expert.

The Necessary Controls: Your User Interface

Consult your motorcycle logbook and maintain these items weekly. Before you ride away, are the foot and hand controls working, and are the lights all functioning? The wise motorcyclist does this motorcycle maintenance every day and you should do too, whether you ride regularly or not.

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