Hot Slots and Computer Games with MC Themes

Computer GamesGiven the excitement and thrills of motorcycling, it is no wonder there are hot slots and computer games with MC themes too. We thought it would be interesting to discuss some of these on the basis they are first-rate entertainment, especially when it is wet outdoors. We singled out two of each to share with you. Later, we will give you a brilliant link to follow for much more.

Two Hot Slots with MC Themes

  • Ride with the hell’s angels on ‘Slots Angels’, the game that gives you so much you almost feel the wind rushing past your face. Get close up to rebellious biking culture. Play darts and billiards with mean, long haired, bearded men.
  • Did you every fancy riding a motorbike but did not dare to ask? If you want to take a spin on virtual machines then look no further than “Motorcycle Slots’. When you spin to win, will it be a street or line bike, or a Harley Davidson?

Two Insane Computer Games with MC Themes

  • Get insane action from the ‘Motor Storm Apocalypse’ video game, where your sheer riding skills will get you through the chaos caused by every brand of mean urban racing machine. You are exposed on a bike but your fast reactions can make you win.
  • ‘Motocross Champions’ is strictly for online pros with nerves of carbon steel! See how many points you can accumulate with stunts that test your landing and your balance to extreme degrees. Stay out of trouble and you come out on top!

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