MC Insurance in the UK and What’s Involved

Permitted UK MC InsuranceThe insurance law in the United Kingdom insists you have motorcycle cover for every bike you own. This applies to you even if, say, your renovation project is in boxes in the cellar. Unless of course you tell the DVLA your vehicle is off the road, while remembering to put it back on before you do a test ride.

Three Levels of Permitted UK MC Insurance

There are three tiers of motorcycle insurance under continuous insurance law to choose from. Think carefully before you jump for the cheapest, especially if you have an expensive motorcycle!

  • Third Party Cover is the least expensive because it only covers third party damage and injury. It also extends to anyone you carry on your bike as a passenger. However, you and your bike have no insurance at all.
  • Third Party, Fire, and Theft takes you one stage further. You have third party protection PLUS you may claim if someone steals your motorcycle or it catches fire. However, you may not be paid if you were negligent!
  • Fully Comprehensive is the most expensive MC insurance. It includes Third Party, Fire and Theft, PLUS it protects you AND your bike even if the accident was your mistake. It will definitely pay you to shop around for the best deal here, but do be sure to compare ‘apples with apples’.

More Tips for Getting the Best Motorbike Insurance Deal

You always save money when you have an insider edge with knowledge. While women drivers no longer qualify for a discount, it is still worth shopping around for the best young rider cover, or if you have current points on your licence. A good broker may know where the best deals are.

Finally, a breakdown cover is something else worth considering if your bike is out of warranty. Recovery is expensive. It is a good idea to add it to a policy, and so avoid pushing a bike while the traffic roars past.

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