Motorcycling Around UK Attractions on B Roads

Motorcycling Around UK Attractions on B RoadsThe joy of motorcycling is in the open road before us, with nothing but perhaps the occasional car to pass. As we do, we sense the occupants wishing that they too could enter the world of travel we discovered. B Roads were once UK’s highways and they still have some stunning bends to follow. This is arguably the finest way of motorcycling around British attractions. We recommend you try it some time soon!

Choosing a Theme for Motorcycling Around UK Attractions

It makes sense to follow a destination theme for day trips, and know where we are heading each time. We can google a map before we leave, have sufficient petrol in the tank, and decide where to stop for lunch. Motorcycling around UK attractions by theme means having a plan for the places we want to visit.

  • Coastal resorts make great destinations on sunny days when birds are singing in the sky and the leaves of trees are bright green again. Takeaway lunches are best. Especially if we can snack on them sitting on the pillion and enjoying the sea air!
  • Market towns are an obvious choice. After we park the bike and secure our helmet we can stroll about, and who knows, even indulge in a little shopping. A light lunch in a pub is a great way to make new friends.
  • Autumn is a good opportunity to do a some quiet meditation while exploring a village green, maybe headed to an ancient church or fortification. As the leaves turn brown, it is time to remember those who went before us, and invented the motorcycles that provide so much joy.

Motorcycling Around UK Attractions in Winter

Motorcycling around UK attractions in winter is something to avoid, unless we have a warm spell and the ice melts on the road. Now is the time to service motorbikes, and do the odd jobs we have been putting off. Then our bikes are perfectly prepared for the first warm day of spring!

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